Chornovol: "We subsidize businesses of the aggressor country. Russian oligarchs saved $150 million."


Hidden subsidizing of aggressor country's businesses is taking place in Ukraine due to a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of 2002 that had introduced quotas for export of scrap metal, which allows Russian owners of metallurgical plants to buy scrap at artificially low prices.

This was stated by People's Front MP Tetiana Chornovol at a press conference in Kyiv, Censor.NET reports.

"Plants owned by Russian oligarchs saved $150 million last year when buying scrap at artificially low prices ($100 cheaper than the world market price per ton). That is, we are subsidizing the aggressor," the deputy said.

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She explained that in 2002 a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for coordination with the relevant ministry of contracts for export of a limited amount of scrap metal. In fact it introduced quotas for export of scrap metal, which exist to this day. "Restrictions on the export of scrap metal create an excess in the domestic market, so the plants can buy scrap for pennies," the lawmaker noted.

Chornovol also stated that last year, when she began addressing the issue of scrap metal export quotas, the minister of economy showed her a letter from the head of Alchevsk iron and steel works and other plants who requested to further reduce the quotas for export of scrap metal, ostensibly to support domestic producers.

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"On the same day I read an SBU report in Uriadovyi Kurier (Governmental Courier) newspaper that separatists are putting armor on their Kamaz trucks at Alchevsk plant to fight against Ukraine. Is this supporting domestic producers?!" Chornovol said and reminded that Alchevsk plant is currently in the occupied territory.

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich owns several metallurgical assets in Ukraine, in particular, Petrovskyi metallurgical plant in Dnipropetrovsk. Russians also own a majority stake in the Dzerzhynskyi metallurgical plant.

Earlier, Tetiana Chornovol registered a bill to cancel the approval of contracts for the export of scrap metal by the ministry, however, according to the deputy, the bill is being blocked in the appropriate committee.

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