Ukraine-EU summit officially recognized Russian Federation aggression by the European Union - Yelisieiev


The main achievement of the Ukraine-EU summit is the European Union’s formal recognition of the Russian Armed Forces’ aggression against Ukraine.

Representative of Ukraine to the EU Kostiantyn Yelisieiev stated on air of Channel 5, Censor.NET reports citing Glavkom.

"One of the key achievements of the summit is that the EU has recognized that Ukraine is in the forefront of the struggle for the European values after hours of discussions. I bindingly state this as the person who prepared the text of the statement from cover to cover. And that was the whole detective story. The debate on some of the provisions of this statement was indeed heated or even contentious. The European Union for the first time has recognized the fact of the Russian Armed Forces' aggression in a bilateral document; the European Union, represented by Tusk, has clearly called on for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine at a press conference; the European Union has clearly urged in its statement to release all political prisoners which was envisaged by the Minsk agreements; the European Union noted the importance of respect for the rights of national minorities, in particular Crimean Tatars in Crimea, and mentioned the respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine three or four times during the statement. I believe that this is a major breakthrough, which significance should not be downgraded," Yelisieiev said.

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"I want to say to those experts who criticize the president and prime minister that we have actually reached a breakthrough. It is the fact that the EU has finally agreed to send a special mission to Ukraine to assess the situation after several weeks of conversations and conference calls, which should contribute to the OSCE efforts to facilitate the implementation of the Minsk agreements. And this is a very important breakthrough," he added.

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