Paratroopers attempted to disarm a Right Sector unit - Yarosh

Units of the 95th airmobile and the 25th Airborne brigade put up checkpoints around the base of the Right Sector in the village of Velykomykhailivka in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

This is stated by Censor.NET efitor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

Velikomykhailivka is out of the anti-terrorist operation area and any actions of the military in this area should be governed by the laws of Ukraine, which prohibits the armed forces from performing any functions associated with the provision of public order.

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"Censor.NET asked the leader of the Right Sector and the Advisor to Chief of Staff Dmytro Yarosh [and this is what he said]: "Our base was blocked without warning by units of the 25th and 95th paratroopers brigade, along with armored vehicles and heavy weapons. Thee put up checkpoints with young, only mobilized soldiers. They stopped one of our vehicles and demanded the fighters to surrender their weapons. Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko did not immediately answer my call and we were not able to discuss the situation at hand. Although, it was clear that the operation could not be carried out without the order of the General Staff.

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"I contacted the paratroopers' command with whom we fought together throughout the year, and the combat commanders ensured me that they would not turn their weapons against their brothers from the Right Sector, no matter what stupid orders come from evil politicians. I gave the order to all units of the Right Sector to not surrender the weapons. No one can deny us the right to defend our land and fight the Russian aggressors. But we will not yield to provocations. I see that the military and political leadership decided to deliberately provoke a conflict. To push the fighters of the Right Sector to unlawful actions against the armed forces' soldiers to discredit the volunteer corps. And I will tell you - the provocation will not work. We got our weapons in the battle with the enemy. Today's actions of the military command are an exclusive provocation against the Patriots of Ukraine in terms of cynicism and back-stabbing. The Right Sector base is currently in order, serving military outposts. The mood is ok, we have long been accustomed to provocations and we will not fight with our comrades to the delight of unscrupulous politicians.

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"As a lawmaker, I will demand a thorough investigation of the incident. The responsibility for provocation and an attempt to push the armed forces and fighters of the Right Sector lies on political and military leadership... I look forward to the rapid reaction of the authorities and explanations regarding the case. I want to hear the answer as to the basis on which the provocation against one of the most able-bodied Ukrainian units on the front had been made."

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