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 Avakov urges to immediately change preventive measure for Kernes to pre-trial detention

кернес kernes

The prosecutor's office must immediately petition the court to vary the measure of restraint to the Mayor of Kharkiv Kernes and issue an order of the pre-trial detention of Hennadii Kernes after he has not appeared at today's trial in Poltava court, which is considering the case of the abduction and beating of Euromaidan activists in Kharkiv by Kernes and his bodyguards.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Kernes travelled to Palace Merano in Italy to undergo rehabilitation. And let everybody wait for him. The trial was scheduled for a specific date - in advance. But suddenly the last minute travel offer and flight to Bolzano turned up to this infirm man. I believe that Kernes is impeding the course of justice which gives good reasons to the prosecutor's office to appeal to the court to vary the measure of restraint for the suspect to the pre-trial detention or make him give undertaking not to leave the country," the minister wrote.

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"Where is your compassion!? - The soft-hearted humanists will ask me saying that the person is physically challenged and requires humane treatment. I will be quite clear about it. There should be trial and the verdict on this person's actions first. The fact of his involvement into maltreatment of people should be assessed - the court should deliver a verdict. This is the inevitable justice. And only then we may discuss the degree of indulgence taking in consideration his physical disability. At this rate, Honorable Court, he will never appear before a tribunal as there are a lot of great clinics in Switzerland and Austria besides the one in Merano as well as mineral waters and miraculous spring-wells. Thus, the trial will be constantly postponed while the smashed faces of the Maidan activists, abducted by Kernes, will be forgotten, or the authorities will change because Kernes is a lucky person. He always managed to got away with anything... The preventive measure for him must be changed immediately!" Avakov called on.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n334406