Helmets and bulletproof vests available in the Ministry of Defense upon written application - Department Director

Helmets and body armor are issued before departure to the ATO area.

Defense Ministry Procurement Department Director Nelly Stelmakh wrote in her blog on Censor.NET.

"I have been writing for two months at least, saying in all the interviews, it seems that I haven't reported only to lamp-posts in this country that the Ministry of Defense DOES have helmets and bulletproof vests!!!

"One just needs to write an application to the logistics service. And that's it!!! Just write and send!!!!

"But one should keep in mind that the helmets and body armor are issued not at the military bases, not at the shooting grounds, not in boot camps, but before departure to the ATO area.

"If they are not issued, then send Bohdan Kovaliov a message, but please specify the application number (or better attach the photograph or scanned copy of the application)," Nelly Stelmakh wrote.

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