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 "There is a Ukrainian serviceman’s body. His wife identified him. But there are signs of torture" - militants are trying to hide traces of maltreatment of prisoners.. AUDIO

A recording evidencing that militants torture captured Ukrainian soldiers was uploaded on the web.

Censor.NET reports that the record holds conversation between Alexei Dikiy, the "DPR" terrorists' "interior minister" and Lilia Radionova, who handles the POWs' issues for the militants. They decide which way to hide signs of torture on a body of a deceased Ukrainian soldier.

"We have a tricky situation here. There is a Ukrainian serviceman's body in Dokuchaievsk. The investigation was conducted and his identity was recognized. We had summoned his wife. But there are signs of torture on the body. I have called Basurin (Deputy "Chief of Staff" of the "DPR" - Ed.) and he said that we must not hand over any evidence. So we need to settle this down somehow but I do not know how exactly," Lilia Radionova complained.

"So the instructions should be issued not to give it away, let Basurin order the person who brought the body not to hand it over. That's the whole story," the "interior minister" replied.


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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v334365
Source: facebook