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 Georgia’s successful political housecleaning experience will be implemented in Ukraine, National Anti-Corruption Bureau deputy head says

коррупция наб углава corruption nab head uhlava

Newly appointed first deputy head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Guizot Uhlava intends to use Georgia’s successful experience in the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

He said this in comment to Censor.NET.

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"I specialized in the fight against corruption in Georgia and I am honored to apply my knowledge for the benefit of Ukraine. I worked my way up from district prosecutor's office investigator to the Deputy Prosecutor General. Our work in Georgia was successful due to cooperation with the U.S. FBI, the EU's police, and we are currently fully implementing all the experience and best practices in Ukraine. I see that the Ukrainians' opinion regarding the first steps to establish the National Anti-Corruption Bureau is very cautious, critical, and full of expectations. It is all clear to me. We have prepared proposals and programs of NAB development, and we understand what results are expected from us. We will work hard to earn the trust of citizens in order to build a real modern institution to fight corruption, which will support implementation of reforms in Ukraine. Our work will not be fruitful without trust and we are fully aware of it thanks to Georgian experience. Well, no one is going to waste the time. We will not going to have weekends and holidays - we will work on the result," Guizot Uhlava said.

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