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 Japan allocates $1.8 billion of aid to Ukraine

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Japan will provide Ukraine with $1.8 billion of financial aid.

Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Kentaro Sonoura confirmed the day before his visit to Kyiv, Poroshenko bloc MP Svitlana Zalishchuk wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Japan allocates $1.8 billion of assistance to Ukraine. Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Kentaro Sonoura confirmed this the day before his visit to Kyiv. He immediately asked about corruption - whether the government will be able to control expenditure of international aid. We told him about the new anti-corruption legislation, about the newly created Anti-Corruption Bureau, and about the struggle against oligarchs. At the same time, both parties realize that those are only the tools, but it is entirely different question whether the goal will be achieved or not. Our ambassador in Tokyo confirmed that Japan is currently seeing an ally in Ukraine more than ever. We must seize this opportunity. We should have deputies who will regularly keep in touch with each other. We should have more diplomats who will deny the flow of the Russian propaganda. We need officials who can adopt practices in the field of innovation and alternative energy. We badly need economists who will explore new trade opportunities between the countries, in the field of agriculture, for example, where Japan imports about 60% of products," she wrote.

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