Brother of captive 'cyborg' Oleh Kuzmin accused Chief of General Staff Muzhenko of negligence. PHOTO

Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko never addressed the family of the prisoner soldier Oleh Kuzmin over the three months which the heroic 'cyborg' has spent in captivity.

Serhii Kuzmin, brother of the captive 'cyborg' wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I adress Mr. Muzhenko. Three months ago, you headed the unsuccessful operation to release 'cyborgs' from the Donetsk airport. Three months ago, due to your negligence, the country lost its best sons. Three months ago, the soldiers whom you sent to the airport were captured. Among them was Oleh Kuzmin," he stressed.

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олег кузьминых

"Over that time, you never addressed our family (or other families) to explain why you did it. What have you been doing to free Oleh from captivity? Is the officer's honor a familiar concept to you? Oleh was a sample of courage and heroism! Many soldiers owe their lives to Oleh. He did not spare himself and gave his last magazine to a fellow soldier. He did not spare himself and called enemy artillery fire upon himself. Even enemies appreciate courage of such people, why don't you?" he asked.

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