Yatseniuk: "Let Putin read encyclopedias and study history"


The government has approved a plan of action with respect to the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazism in World War II.

This was stated by Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk during the Q&A hour in the parliament, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

"[There will be] no black and orange ('symbol' of victory in WWII beloved by Russians - ed.) or other types of Soviet-Russian ribbons. Thanks to the parliament, Ukraine has adopted a decision on the establishment of May 8 the Day of Reconciliation and the Day of Mourning," he said.

Yatseniuk said that Ukraine associates itself with Europe and will celebrate the victory over Nazism with the same symbol - a poppy flower.

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The Prime Minister announced the presentation of short historical clips on the role and place of Ukraine in the WWII victory in the Cabinet next week: "I would call it the first major step towards the truth and justice regarding the matter of who fought in World War II, and the fact that the victory would not have been possible without Ukraine. And let Vladimir Putin read encyclopedias and study history," he concluded switching to Russian language.

The audience greeted these words with applause.

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