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 Speaker Hroisman closed morning session of parliament pre-schedule due to lack of MPs in the session hall

The morning session of the Verkhovna Rada closed due to substantial lack of deputies in the session hall.

After conducting several signal voting, during which the indicator board displayed insufficient number of deputies present in the hall, it became clear that the parliament would not be able to pass any decisions during the morning session, Censor.NET reports.

During the signal voting deputy groups Volia Narodu (Will of the People) and Vidrodzhennia (Renaissance) (opposition groups) did not give a single vote.

In this regard, First Vice-Speaker Andrii Parubii indignantly stated: "At a time when a great number of our guys on the front line don't know a break day and night, constantly working, I once again insist that the faction leaders raise the question of discipline."

Parubii also said that for its part, the leadership of the parliament will publish lists of absent deputies.

In turn, head of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk called the missing lawmakers' behavior 'criminal'.

After a couple of failed attempts to return to the draft law on civil service, which was previously not supported by MPs, Speaker Volodymyr Hroisman said: "I have a proposal to close the morning session and continue the session at 4 p.m."

He noted that there is a large number of issues on the agenda that need to be considered. After that Hroisman announced the morning session closed and invited the MPs to return for the evening session to consider the issue of civil service.

The Opposition Bloc faction had left the session hall of the parliament earlier.

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