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 Muzhenko avoids conversation about losing Debaltseve bridgehead. MPs will visit the chief of the General Staff themselves - Tymchuk


MPs, members of the parliamentary committee on Debaltseve events intend to go to Head of the General Staff of the armed forces Viktor Muzhenko to clarify the circumstances that led to the loss of Debaltseve bridgehead since the latter has been evading the meeting in every possible way.

This was announced by People's Front MP, a member of the committee Dmytro Tymchuk on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"With regard to the working group of the parliamentary committee on the events in the Debaltseve area in January-February 2015... The Working Group has carefully studied the course of the events, which resulted in our troops losing the Debaltseve bridgehead (according to the generals - as a result of a "planned withdrawal of troops", which, to put it mildly, is not really supported by facts). We have read the documents of the General Staff, interviewed officials of the General Staff, ATO HQ, the sector leadership, unit commanders.

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"As a result of this work, I personally as long ago as March 1 drew up my version of the report (I called it "proposals to the report of the working group"), which was presented to the members of the parliamentary committee. For obvious reasons I cannot publish the report without permission...

"As for the final report of the working group, the following problem arose. The study of the circumstances under which the Debaltseve bridgehead was lost raises many questions personally to the head of the General Staff of the armed forces of Ukraine. Without answers, we cannot complete the report (in my version of the report I provide the reasons, but not the arguments of the General Staff regarding certain actions, or rather inaction and these arguments must be provided by the chief of the General Staff).

"However, since February the committee has been adopting a decision to invite the chief of the General Staff for a conversation at each meeting. And every time the chief of the General Staff simply ignores our persistent invitations without explanation," Tymchuk wrote.

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He also noted that the faction of the Samopomich party decided to try to call on the chief of the General Staff on its own. Finally, yesterday, the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense decided to arrange a meeting with the chief of the General Staff at any cost. "To do this, we will not invite this General to visit us anymore since it is useless. We will come to him ourselves in full force. Where, under which bush or in which bunker will Colonel-General Muzhenko hide from the lawmakers - we'll see. But if our hunting instinct does not betray us, we will this elusive general and get the answers to the questions that we, lawmakers and the Ukrainian society are very interested in," Tymchuk summed up.

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