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 FSB had planned to kidnap Parubii and Pashynskyi - source of Ukrainska Pravda

The Russian Federation Federal Security Service possibly planned a special operation in relation to Verkhovna Rada First Vice-Speaker Andrii Parubii and Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense Head Serhii Pashynskyi.

The information was provided to Ukrainska Pravda by sources in the Ukrainian Security Service, Censor.NET informs.

According to the news outlets' interlocutor, Parubii and Pashynskyi were planned to be kidnapped and taken to Russia.

The interlocutor explained that in such a manner Russia wants to arrange an open trial with participation of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and charge the Ukrainian officials of involvement in the tragic events of May 2, 2014 in Odesa.

According to the available information, Russia plans to base charges on the fact that Parubii allegedly personally supervised the actions of Odesa local defense during the mass unrest on May 2. The charges against Pashynskyi were to be based on his alleged participation in this incident as well.

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According to the interlocutor, the FSB had planned to use two groups of agents, the citizens of Ukraine as perpetrators of kidnapping.

"It was planned to hold the so-called "tribunal for the Ukrainian nationalists" in Moscow in order to use Parubii and Pashynskyi as the main suspects in this process, because the case of Savchenko (pilot and member of the parliament Nadiya Savchenko, who was taken prisoner and then abducted and arrested in Russia - Ed.) has failed," the source said.

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The newspaper has also addressed to the First Vice-Speaker Andrii Parubii to confirm or deny this information.

He did not comment on it, but confirmed that he agreed to be protected by the state guards starting from Wednesday, April 22 for the first time since he has been appointed to public office.

"I can confirm that as of today I gave my consent for granting me protection envisaged by the law for a short period of time at the request of the Security Service of Ukraine, which has information about threat to my life," Parubii said.

It is known that Parubii was the National Security and Defense Council Secretary during the events in Odesa and Pashynskyi was the Acting Head of the Presidential Administration.

Parubii refused from protection granted by the state after being appointed the National Security and Defense Council Secretary. He also has not given his consent to protection after the attempt on his life Dec. 24, when a grenade was thrown under his feet in Kyiv downtown.

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