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 “LPR” militant shot 32-year-old man dead in front of his family for latter's support of Ukraine - journalist

“LPR” militant Gubin shot supporter of Ukraine dead. The victim came to the terrorists-controlled territory of the Luhansk region to tend to his mother's grave during annual wake.

Journalist Roman Bochkala announced on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

"There is Slovianoserbsk district in the Luhansk region. Not every resident of the district supports the invaders. In some cases there is a disappointing turn of events. Here is a sad story from Khoroshe village, which might be filmed one day - a family-scale tragedy as an example of the greater grief. It is told by the locals," he wrote.

The journalist specified the details of the tragedy: "A man was shot dead last Sunday in the village of Khoroshe. He was 32 years old. He came to visit his mother's grave.

"When the war began, the victim with his wife and son moved from Khoroshe village to the government-controlled territory. They were not going to return but the wake day came. Moreover, his sister turned sick. He could not help coming... And then there was the cemetery. The man was approached by the local thugs, which once were the victim's schoolmates and played football with him. And this time they were the separatists, the militants.

"One of them, Gubin by name, began arguing with the man accusing him of supporting Ukraine but not the "LPR". The victim has given Gubin and other "homeland defenders" a bit of his mind. A scuffling was set up. The people broke up the fight. The guy with the family returned home. They were sitting in the courtyard, talking, having lunch. Suddenly Gubin came and shot poor guy dead without saying a word, in front of the family. He killed the man because the guy was not a terrorist.

"The son of the killed is seven and he is quite aware that his dad was killed because he was a decent man, a patriot of his country. By the way, the killers' wife and children are not in the "LPR". Gubin took them to the territory controlled by Ukraine - away from such as himself.

"A molotov cocktail was thrown in the yard of the killer's mother as well as the yard of the deceased the night after the incident. The village was divided. Most residents condemned Gubin's action but there were those who supported him as well. A sort of "how else should we deal with Ukrops (Ukrainians)?"

"The fact of the murder was registered by Starobelsk district police department under Part 1 of the Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. But it is senseless... The murderer is in the occupied territory and he's a hero there, among the militants. The terrorists are decorated with medals for such 'acts of valor' in the 'LPR'," Bochkala stressed sadly.

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