Shokin's request to lift immunity of seven MPs might cause a stir in the Rada - Butusov. LIST

Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin introduced request to the Rada to lift deputy immunity of seven MPs at a time.

This was announced by Yurii Butusov, Editor-in-Chief of Censor.NET, on his Facebook page.

"There will be a battle in the parliament today. Prosecutor General Shokin prepared several requests for parliamentary consideration on removal of parliamentary immunity of seven deputies at a time. Andrii Denysenko, Viacheslav Konstantynovskyi, Andrii Lozovyi, Ihor Mosiichuk, Serhii Melnychuk. Those are from the parliamentary coalition. Plus Papiiev and Kliuiev of the opposition bloc," he wrote.

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"This will be a real test for the coalition's durability. The fate of the government and the authorities' efficiency in general depend on the outcome of the debate in the parliament. I'd like to hear what the deputies are charged with. An important precedent is being created. And today, the coalition will be strictly and clearly divided. Divided to those who do believe that the will of the General Prosecution (which is obviously being the president's will) is the law, and those who do not. It will be a very showing watershed," Butusov noted.

"I wonder whether the parliament will be paralyzed, or will the deputies consider appointments to the State Property Fund, the Antimonopoly Committee, and the Audit Chamber this week? Discussion of candidates might get very impressive. I think that lifting the parliamentary immunity in Ukraine should be carried out by a single law together with removing presidential immunity. Somehow I think this will be fair. The "moment of truth" and a head-on collision await us," he concluded.

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