Search of Purge Department employee completed: "They came, found nothing, and left.". DOCUMENT

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Searches in apartments of Tetiana Kozachenko, Head of the Purge department at the Ministry of Justice, and her deputy Dmytro Dymov is related to their investigation into corrupt activities of the State Fiscal Service officials.

"Around 7:50 a.m. I received a call from Dmytro who told me that there is an investigator of the Main Investigation Department with a search warrant for his apartment. The document was a decision of Pechersk district court of Kyiv investigative judge Farkosh dated April 2, 2015 about granting permission for the search of Dmytro's property, confiscating a number of documents and computer equipment, which contains records regarding the lustration procedure of the State Fiscal Service employee Ihnatenko," Dymov's lawyer Larisa Merkulova told Censor.NET.

According to her, the investigator who came to conduct the search was not specified in the court's decision and he brought the search witnesses with him. They turned out to be the State Fiscal Service officials.

"With great difficulty we managed to take Dymov's neighbor as a witnesses. During a search me and other Dymov's lawyers were not allowed into the apartment," Merkulova said.

Currently the search at Dymov's place is finished. According to him, the police did not really seize any important documents: "On the whole, the result is such: they came, found nothing and left. On [April] 29 I have to come in for questioning - I still do not know in what capacity - to the Main Investigation Department."

Dmytro connects the search with his investigation against corrupt officials of the State Fiscal Service, who were fired due to the work of the Purge Department.

обыск дымова у

обыск дымова у

Dymov promises to deal with the case and defend his rights with the help of lawyers.

The place of residence of the head of the Purge Department Tetiana Kozachenko was also searched.

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