Police attempted search in premises of Justice Ministry Purge Department director and her deputy. PHOTOS

Central Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry has attempted a search in the premises of Director of the Justice Ministry’s Purge Department Tetiana Kozachenko.

Kozachenko wrote on her Facebook page that the people who came to conduct a search said that they had come from the Main Investigation Department and that they were attempting to break down the door, Censor.NET reports.

Tetiana Kozachenko did not allow the investigators inside. She later added that her lawyer came and was dealing with investigators behind her door.

Kozachenko added that the police was also attempting to search the premises of her deputy Dmytro Dymov.

Activist Denis Bigus, who came to Kozachenko's place, said that the search was being attempted by investigator of the Interior Ministry Main Department Sviridenko based on a court decision. He also posted the photo of the female investigator and witnesses on his Facebook page.

"[The police] came to Head of the lustration department Tetiana Kozachenko to conduct a search. [They] tried to break in the door. Investigator Svyrydenko - a 28-year-old blonde - is not mentioned as the investigator in the court's decision. I don't know what is in the court's decision yet. [We have] a support group of three people here. They brought search witnesses."

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Later Kozachenko announced that the search was carried out at her workplace as well.

Activist Denis Bigus being "on the other side of the door" wrote on Facebook that investigator Yakovliev came as reinforcement to Kozachenko's apartment." The activist also said that the court order for the search did not indicate the names of investigators Yakovliev and Svyrydenko, thus, the validity of such investigative activities was questionable. Investigator Yakovlev in turn replied: "If you say that this is an unlawful search, then let us conduct it, and then you will challenge it in court."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p333420