Documents of Russian tankman from Stavropol, Russia who was taken prisoner published online. PHOTOS

Russian Federation citizen R. D. Gadzhiev, who came to Donbas in December 2014 as a tank driver of a separate tank battalion, was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine at the beginning of the year.

Censor.NET reports obtaining scan copies of the rebel's passport and several pages of his notebook.

According to the documents, Ruslan Dzhupalavich Gadzhiev was born in 1973 in village of Levokumskoe, the Stavropol Krai.


His notebook listed not only his wife's number, but also contacts of saunas and call-girls.


As reported, Gadzhiev himself said that at the end of December 2014 he was allegedly arrested on suspicion of car theft and, being at risk of criminal proceeding against him was sent to the territory of Ukraine, where he became a tank driver in August illegal armed gang of Russian rebels stationed in Krasnyi Luch.

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