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 Deaths of 459 military in battles near Ilovaisk confirmed as of today. 478 servicemen were wounded – Chief military prosecutor


The deaths of 459 people as a result of the engagements that took place near Ilovaisk in the Donetsk region is confirmed as of today. 478 more people received injuries of varying severity.

Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatolii Matios stated in an interview with Censor.NET.

"According to the latest voiced update, the investigation obtained documentary confirmation of the deaths of 459 people near Ilovaisk as of today. 478 servicemen were injured and material damage through the loss of military equipment worth more than 70 million hryvnia was inflicted," Matios said.

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In this case, the chief military prosecutor did not mention the number of servicemen who had gone missing near Ilovaisk (he had previously voiced the figure of 180 people missing as of March 16, 2105 - Ed.). He just stressed that the servicemen who have gone missing are not considered dead and may not be regarded as losses.

"We were forced to personally double check the information on each deceased and wounded serviceman during this entire period. It was the time when the army was built from scratch and there were volunteer battalions and people who voluntarily left for the ATO area and were not always registered. Therefore, the establishment of all losses was related to cooperation with hospitals, morgues, with the available acts of forensic medical expert examinations, with data recorded by doctors in civilian hospitals. As for those who had been captured, there were 180 people at that time, but the circumstances of their capture and location of such persons are constantly updated. We have questioned three men who claimed that they were near Ilovaisk, but they never were, for their phone traffic showed they were in entirely different location. We treat this issue very carefully. Because someone's death and injuries provide for punishment by the criminal code and may be incriminated to one person or another. The servicemen who have gone missing are not considered dead and may not be regarded as losses," Matios said.

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