"He took his gun and shot him twice in his head" - released soldier Yurii Sova told how militant Motorola executed 'Cyborg' Branovytskyi


Yurii Sova, soldier of the 80th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was recently freed from the terrorist captivity, told how Russian citizen Arsenii Pavlov, a.k.a. terrorist Motorola, shot 38-year-old 'Cyborg' Igor Branovytskyi, soldier of the 90th separate air mobile battalion of the 81st Air Assault Brigade.

Branovytskyi and Sova were taken captive together after the new terminal of the Donetsk airport had been blown up in January 2015, Censor.NET reports citing BBC Ukraine.

"When we were taken captive, they took us to Givi (one of the units' commander - ed.). Those who needed assistance were helped, bandaged, given water and cigarettes. Then we were taken to Motorola's detachment, some former military unit... After that, they brought us for interrogation into a basement they use as shooting gallery - they shoot there. They had been beating us for six-seven hours," the Ukrainian soldier said.

According to him, Branovytskyi was hurt the most. After the beating, interrogation started.

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"They asked us questions from which one could understand some of them were Russians. They admitted having Russian insurgents and volunteers among them. Ihor Branovytskyi was hurt the most for he admitted being machine gunner. They broke many of his bones. A doctor came to bandage him, and an ambulance was called," Sova said.

"Then Motorola came in. He looked at all of us sitting at the wall. Ihor was lying two-three meters from me. Motorola came up and asked what was this body. He was told that the ambulance had been called. Then he looked again, said that 'he wouldn't make it to the hospital," took his gun out and shot Ihor twice in the head," the soldier added. According to him, he saw this personally. Besides, Sova said that despite Branovytskyi's grave condition, he could have survived if taken to hospital.

Sova also noted that terrorist Motorola threatened other prisoners to shoot them dead.

As reported earlier, Motorola admitted in a commentary to a reporter that he had killed 15 Ukrainian POWs.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n332868