Kalashnikov murdered after giving consent to cooperate on anti-Maidan investigations - MP Boryslav Bereza

Non-affiliated Ukrainian MP Boryslav Bereza believes that Kalashnikov was killed after he had given his consent to work with prosecution.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Bereza wrote: "Informed sources in Ukraine's special services reported that Oleh Kalashnikov, who was murdered today, was ready to begin cooperation with law enforcement agencies by providing testimony. Why? Because he was left without financial support and began to blackmail his former employers that he would confess to organization of "titushky", give up the sources of their funding and persons responsible for organization of all processes. To confirm the seriousness of his intentions, he began to contact with the law enforcement agencies. And apparently it gave the former Kalashnikov's employers quite a turn. Kalashnikov was eliminated according to the "no body, no murder" rule. He did take some information to the grave after all. A part of the data is stored on digital media.

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"I want to bring to notice that this happened today, just after the ultimatum of the anti-corruption committee that if they do not see a change in the investigation of terror on the Maidan in two months, they will initiate the resignation of the heads of all power-wielding agencies. Someone took our statement more than seriously and started to cover up traces. A series of strange suicides committed by the former members of the Party of Regions and now the murder of Kalashnikov raise questions to the law enforcement agencies. I hope that the Ukrainian society will get the answers, as well as the answer to the question of who was behind the crimes against Ukrainians on the Maidan? Who gave the orders and who executed them? And the society will get the answers. If not those who currently chairs the law enforcement agencies then their successors will answer these questions," Bereza wrote.

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