Russian authorities demonstrate evidence of their criminal activities in Ukraine. PHOTOS

Exhibition "Material evidence. Donbas. 365 days" opened in Moscow’s VDNKh exhibition center in the Ukrainian pavilion.

Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov reported, Censor.NETinformed.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

"Many exhibits are genuine; some say that even the Debaltseve city sign was transferred from Ukraine to Moscow: "In order to disassemble the monument and to carry it over to Moscow, dozens of workers and special cargo transport vehicles were involved." The exhibition is guarded by the police, a thorough check-up is conducted at the entrance. I've never seen police guarding an exhibition at the VDNKh before," Varlamov noted.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

"A Gazel mini-bus has been also delivered from the war zone.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

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россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

"Yeah, it shows well enough what comes with arrival of the "Russian world,"" one of commentators wrote.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево
"Russian authorities organized a demonstration of their "achievements" in Ukraine at the VDNKh exhibition. Namely, they decided to show what the "Russian world" brought to the previously peaceful Ukrainian city of Debaltseve. This kind of exhibition is not an invention of the current Russian government. It is a long-standing tradition to demonstrate war trophies and even mutilated bodies of an enemy to prove your superiority," blogger Kuzkin_otets wrote.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

"The following analogy arose in my mind in connection with arrival of the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas to Moscow. A Palestinian suicide bomber killed himself and 15 Israeli civilians (including seven kids) in a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem in 2001. A month later, an exhibition commemorating the bloody Jerusalem tragedy "so dear to every faithful Muslim" was opened in a Palestinian town of Nablus. Chunks of pizza and human bodies (waxwork) were dispersed over the exhibition floor. It was immensely successful with Palestinians. It was decided to make it permanent and replenish with new demonstrations of heroism of suicide bombers. In 2001, Hamas militants committed another terrorist act in Israel, hence supplying new material for the exhibition to the utmost joy of Palestinians. Therefore, a question arises: do Russian people consider it normal to rejoice about the death of every Ukrainian just like Palestinians do about deaths of Israelis? Just think of it: the very fact that the Debaltseve monument and the bus were transferred to Moscow, not to Luhansk or Donetsk, demonstrates clearly that it was Russian army that stormed Debaltseve. And they took whatever they wanted from the area... Really, does it seem plausible that "poor" rebels financed and executed the transfer of all the loot to Moscow on their own?"

"New footage from Debaltseve: Debaltseve. Russian militants say hello (18+, explicit language). This is what life is like in Debaltseve today: Looting in Debaltseve.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

"To round it up, a citation from an article by Colta.ru: An exhibition of suffering.

It becomes clear immediately: they emphasized children in the story. There is a mock classroom with desks overturned and smashed by explosion. A naked doll exhibit is seated among pictures of a demolished kindergarten. Moscow kids who are coming for a weekend walk to the exhibition premises observe all this. Many families admit that they passed by the exhibition just by chance. It's free of charge after all... Teenagers take pictures with their smartphones; kids are running around, babies watching from strolls. Unlike adults, they do not really understand what this all means. A four-year-old boy is eager to touch a mini-bus mutilated by explosion. He is repeating excitedly: "The car was shot! For real!" "A hat," a blond girl is saying about one of the exhibits, a crushed helmet. "Look, there was a house, people lived in it. Boooom - and there is no house anymore," a grandpa is explaining to her and her sister showing a picture of a ruin. When I ask why he brought the kids here he says: "What's so scary about that? It's life. They should know it! It's a great exhibition. People should know what Ukrainian fascists are."

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"By this exhibition Russian authorities try to convince people that Ukrainian equals fascist. I think it is despicable. And in regard to kids, who always trust adults, it is totally disgusting. Those who organize such shows must be held responsible for it in their lifetime, together with those who started the war. None of them deserves forgiveness," Kuzkin_otets notes.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

"And then they will boast: "I saw it with my own eyes!" Yeah, sure, at the exhibition in Moscow," one of the bloggers points out.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

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россия война выставка донбасс дебальцевороссия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

Another Internet user comments: "They take all goodies for themselves from the occupied territories, and give to "shows" what is useless.


Ukrainian blogger ibigdan remarks: "Russian occupants sawed down a monument of Debaltseve to carry it away, to Moscow's VDNKh. They put it at the entrance to the exhibition, for they believe it should signify evidence of crimes by the new Ukrainian government."

путин скандал рф космодром строители

"I wonder how did Russian special cargo transport vehicles transfer so many exhibits from the territory of another country? Hm... One might start believing they operate there indeed!" another blogger comments sarcastically.

россия война выставка донбасс дебальцево

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