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 Chechens organized secret flights between Crimea and Turkey

Chechen airline Grozny-Avia (Russia) conducts secret charter flights between the Turkish capital Istanbul and Simferopol airport in Russia-annexed Crimea.

This is stated in Censor.NET article "Secret paths to Crimea".

Formally, it means two different directions: between Simferopol and Anapa (Krasnodar region, Russia), and between Anapa and Istanbul.

However, in reality it is one and the same flight, which is even advertised on some of the Crimean websites.

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This information was confirmed by chief editor of BlackSeaNews Andrii Klymenko.

"Previously their (Grozny-Avia - ed.) planes flew from Crimea, or, respectively, from Turkey to Anapa, landed, and promptly took off to fly without unloading. Now they do not even land, but just make a turn over the airport. Officially, this flight does not exist," he told Censor.NET.

In Turkey, the flight lands at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, which is 35 km from Istanbul, in the Asian part of the country.

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