SBU detained 11 terrorists in Kharkiv and seized lots of weapons and explosives - Lubkivskyi. PHOTOS+VIDEO

The Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine detained a group of saboteurs consisting of 11 persons in Kharkiv April 12-13.

Adviser to the SBU Chairman Markiian Lubkivskyi wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.


"Along with mopping up of criminals in Odesa, the Security Service of Ukraine was keeping peace in Kharkiv during the Easter holidays as well! Security Service Chairman Valentyn Nalyvaichenko reported to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that a large terrorist group of 11 (!) people, who were involved in terrorist acts in the Kharkiv region, was neutralized April 12-13 during a special operation of the SBU in conjunction with the Prosecutor's Office of the Kharkiv region," he wrote.

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"The militants are suspected of firing at the head office of a commercial bank in July and Kharkiv regional military recruiting office last August, as well as of the explosion at the office of the volunteer organization in February and blowing up the railway tank in April. Thus it enabled not only to solve a number of committed terrorist and subversive acts, but also prevent new ones that were prepared by this group in Kharkiv city and the Kharkiv region," Lubkivskyi wrote.

"All the detainees are citizens of Ukraine born in 1968-1983. The group was well-organized, with clear roles and responsibilities.

"Coordinator of the terrorists was the head of the Kharkiv organization "Oplot" Yevhen Zhylin. A large arsenal of weapons and means to carry out subversive acts, including RPG-7 rocket launchers, RPO-A rocket launchers, Kalashnikov assault rifles, under-barrel grenade launchers, Dragunov sniper rifle, handguns, including suppressed ones, time-controlled sticky bombs, sabotage mine for blowing up and ignition of fuel in tanks or to inflict damage to surface pipelines, grenades, a large quantity of plastic explosives and cartridges of various calibers for small arms, initiators, different tools and edged weapons were seized from the members of the group. All of this was delivered to Ukraine illegally," adviser to the head of the SBU wrote.

The SBU special operation in the Kharkiv region is under way.

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