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 Turchynov’s security strategy raises Kremlin’s concerns forcing it to "analyze threats to Russia's national interests"

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Russian Security Council is concerned that Ukraine considers Russia a threat and NATO accession a priority.

The position was expressed by Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev on Monday, Censor.NET informs citing TASS.

"We are concerned that Russia's policy is named the main threat to the country while NATO membership and reduction of economic ties between our countries is [Ukraine's] development priority," Patrushev stated without saying a word about the Russian aggression against Ukraine at the same time.

He added that the Russian Security Council would examine the draft of Ukraine's National Security Strategy till 2020 that has been presented in Kyiv.

"We will analyze the document to get a more attentive assessment of possible threats to Russia's national interests," the Russia's Security Council secretary said.

It was reported earlier that Secretary of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated that Russia's aggressive policy is among the main threats to Ukraine's security when presenting a draft of Ukraine's National Security Strategy on April 9.

Turchynov also said that, according to the draft of the National Security Strategy, Ukraine considers European and Euro-Atlantic integration as its priority in foreign and domestic policy.

"We see NATO membership as the only reliable external guarantee of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," he said.

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It was also reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to strengthen the security of the Russian Federation.

"Russia will continue to strengthen its security, primarily by improving its military organization, active cooperation with the countries that aspire to peace, stability and development," the President of the Russian Federation stated and, like Patrushev, have not mentioned Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

It should be noted that the fact of military aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation is recognized not by Ukraine alone. NATO has repeatedly made statements on the Russian Federation military equipment and regular troops' involvement in the conflict in the Donbas. In addition, the heads of the world's leading countries have repeatedly blamed Russia for the conflict unleashed in the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea. Last week, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said that only the blind cannot see Russia's participation in the conflict in the Donbas.

"It is impossible not to see the tanks and armored personnel carriers of the aggressor in Ukraine," he said indignantly.

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At the same time, the official Kremlin makes every effort to deny the fact that the army of the Russian Federation supports the "DPR" and "LPR" terrorists. Besides, Russia denies the regularly recorded delivery of equipment, weapons and manpower to the terrorists as well.

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