NATO: Russia continues massive import of tanks, artillery and air defense systems to Donbas


Despite the agreement signed in Minsk, Russian weapons continue to be transferred to Eastern Ukraine "across the open border."

"We are seeing the ongoing Russian support to separatists - by military equipment, soldiers and military training," Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung quotes the statement by NATO representatives, Censor.NET reports citing Delfi.

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According to the Alliance, the military equipment supplied to the separatists involves battle tanks, including current T-80 and T-90 models, armored vehicles, artillery, and air defense systems. The pro-Russian militants now have more weapons at the disposal than before the signing of the Minsk Agreement, which is a gross violation.

NATO officials refused to share assumptions as to what goals may be set by the separatists, but stated that an attempt to expand their control in the Donbas region of will never be recognized by the Alliance.

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