Ukrainian soldiers destroyed new Russian air defense missile system Tor-M1 - Volunteer. PHOTOS

Ukrainian soldiers neutralized new Russian air defense missile system Tor-M1 at the Donbas.

This is stated by volunteer, one of coordinators of Opora (Support) and Ukrainian Armed Portal Taras Chmutov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"There was a rumor that in summer our guys hit a new Russian missile complex Tor-M1 (or a later model). There were pictures in social networks which allegedly showed the damaged vehicle with this complex. Well done, guys, someone did their job well. Also, the warhead of the 9M331 missile of this complex was found in winter, so it is safe to say that the Russians used them but our guys gave an adequate response," he wrote.

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"Tor-M1 AMDS (GRAU index - 9K331) - is an all-weather tactical air defense system, designed to meet the challenges of air and missile defense of mechanized infantry or armored divisions. It was developed to replace the AMDS Osa-AKM. Maximum range of fire - 12 km, height - 6, the parameter - 6; rocket speed SAM - 700-800 m/s, rocket weight - 165 kg. Ukraine inherited one regiment of such systems from the USSR, but in early 2000s they were withdrawn. The main reason - crude system, lack of ammo and spare parts, lack of capacity for repair and maintenance, and the transition to a single AMDS - Osa-AKM,"Chmutov added.

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