Pseudo volunteer from Kyiv who defrauded 100.000 UAH in donations sentenced to 18 months. VIDEO

Fake volunteer Volodymyr Bezrukov, who pocketed about 100,000 hryvnia transferred for Ukrainian soldiers will spent one and a half years in prison.

According Censor.NET citing TSN, a pseudo volunteer was punished for fraud for the first time in the history of the judicial system only due to those who donated the money. Dozens of people from all over Ukraine fell victims to Kyiv resident Volodymyr Bezrukov. He found them on forum for construction workers.

The man began his scam in July last year. Bezrukov called himself a patriot, an activist of Euromaidan, and told me that he himself fought in the war at some point where he was wounded and therefore could not continue serving.

The con man invented stories how the money people donated saved soldiers' lives. The last straw was the fact that he asked for more than 20,000 hryvnia as a ransom to release him from the captivity of militants. The money went for shopping, gambling and a family holiday. In the courtroom Bezrukov expressed repentance.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment. "The sentence is unprecedented for Ukraine. This will be a warning to [those who intend] committing crimes," the prosecutor's office said.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v332223