"A moment later they were shot" - Russian militants kill Ukrainian prisoners. VIDEO

International human rights organizations have found new evidence that Russian fighters in the Donbas torture and execute captured Ukrainian soldiers.

According to Censor.NET, the basis for the investigation of the militants' crimes is admission by one of the terrorist leaders Motorola that he personally shot 15 people.

Russian journalists from TV channel Dozhd joined the investigation of the militants' crimes. They revealed a history of murder of three Ukrainian POWs.

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"Motorola's admission formed the basis of the statements by Amnesty International regarding war crimes committed by the militias of the so-called people's republics. Human rights activists also studied videos and photos of prisoners from the Donetsk morgue. The bodies, according to Amnesty International, have bullet holes in chest and head areas. According to Amnesty International, the servicemen were captured in the battles near Debaltseve. But such confessions had been made before: Igor Strelkov-Girkin after taking Sloviansk a year ago immediately stated that he practiced extrajudicial executions. Throughout the year, secret burials were discovered in combat area. Dozhd has learned about one other episode, which can become a part of the Amnesty's evidence base," the story says.


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