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 Cities and streets with Soviet names to be renamed

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on prohibition of communist symbols. The local authorities are obliged to remove all monuments to Soviet leaders.

Censor.NET reports citing the text of the bill.

Thus, the definition of "symbols of the communist totalitarian regime", the use of which is prohibited by the law, include, along with geographic and toponymic names, "the images, monuments, memorials, inscriptions on the events related to the activities of the Communist Party, with the establishment of Soviet power in the territory Ukraine or in separate administrative-territorial entities, the fight against the participants in the struggle for Ukrainian independence in the twentieth century."

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The local authorities are to carry out dismantlement of the monuments within six months from the date the law comes into effect. In case they do not manage to do it within this period, the head of the relevant regional state administration will carry out renaming within three months' period. In addition to the names of the cities, towns, and villages, monuments to the Soviet leaders, the law defines the following banned symbols:

- The images of flags, emblems and other symbols of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, other Union or autonomous soviet republics as part of the USSR and the states of the so-called "people's democracy", except those that are active flags or emblems of the existing states;

- The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic anthems as well as ones of the other Union or autonomous Soviet republics, or fragments thereof;

- The flags, symbols, images or other emblems, featured by a combination of hammer and sickle; hammer, sickle and five-pointed star; a plow, a hammer and a five-pointed star;

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- The symbols of the Communist Party or its elements;

- The images of the Communist Party slogans, quotes of individuals, who held senior positions in the Communist Party (except for quotations related to the development of Ukrainian science and culture);

- The title of the Communist Party;

It should be reminded that the law banning symbols is one of the four adopted bills aimed at decommunisation. The deputies also decided to declassify the KGB archives Thursday. The lawmakers recognized UNR (Ukrainian People's Republic), ZUNR (West Ukrainian People's Republic), UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) and OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) as fighters for the independence. They also replaced the term of Great Patriotic War by the World War II in the law "on the Victory Day".

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