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 FSB took Crimean journalist away for questioning after 10-hour house check

The Federal Security service officers have taken Tetiana Huchakova away supposedly for questioning after nearly a 10-hour search. She previously worked as deputy chief editor of the Crimean outlet BlackSeaNews in annexed Crimea.

BlackSeaNews Chief Editor Andrii Klymenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"The FSB officers came with a search warrant to Tetiana Huchakova in Yalta today at 7.45 a.m. I have been silently living with this all day. She is my former (unfortunately) first deputy in BlackSeaNews, or rather, one of the two its creators, including myself. The search was under way for almost 10 hours. All computers that were in the house were seized," Klymenko wrote.

"Tetiana was taken away after that. They took her after 5 p.m. I am knocked speechless. I hope you understand why. Yes, it was because of me. I'm holding my emotions at bay. Despite the fact that she has not been working in the editorship that moved to Kyiv during the last year, she remained a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, that is, our colleague," Klymenko stressed.

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According to head of "Maidan of Foreign Affairs Fund" Bohdan Yaremenko, Huchakova's detention is "another example of the villainous and illegal fight of Russia's occupation authorities in Crimea against any dissent."

"I regard to the current situation as to seizure of hostage by FSB. The aim of the attack is to force me and Andrii (Klimenko - Ed.) to abandon our activities in the "Maidan of Foreign Affairs" and BlackSeaNews. We will never give up neither our work nor the struggle for the liberation of Tetiana Huchakova," he said.

Tetiana Huchakova is a member of the international initiative "Crimean political dialogue", which operated in the Crimea in 2010-2014. The project ceased its activity after the annexation of the peninsula.

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