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 Turchynov: NATO and EU membership guarantees sovereignty, Russian aggression among threats to Ukraine.

Secretary of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has outlined the main threats to the state and the priorities of domestic and foreign policyin a draft national security strategy developed by the NSDC.

Oleksandr Turchynov stated that Russia's aggressive policy is among the main threats to Ukraine's security, when presenting the document in Kyiv on Thursday, Censor.NET informs citing Interfax-Ukraine.

In addition, these threats include corruption, inefficient governance, the economic crisis, the limited financial resources of the state and the decline in living standards.

Turchynov also said that, according to the draft strategy, Ukraine considers European and Euro-Atlantic integration as its priority in foreign and domestic policy.

"We see NATO membership as the only reliable external guarantee of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," he said.

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According to Turchynov, "Ukraine's main foreign policy priority is to deepen the strategic partnership with the United States as a guarantor of international security in the Euro-Atlantic space." "Ukraine is committed to developing relationships and partnerships with the United Kingdom, Poland, as well as Canada, Australia, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Romania, Moldova, Georgia - the states which Ukraine considers its reliable allies. The partnership with Germany and France, EU Member States and NATO, which provide substantial assistance to Ukraine, are also a priority," NSDC Secretary said.

Earlier, Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated the need for a new national security strategy and military doctrine with a clear definition of the main enemy.

The development of new versions of the National Security Strategy and Military Doctrine considering the changes in the military-political situation around Ukraine is provided by the coalition agreement and the program of the Cabinet for the current year.

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