Amnesty International demands investigation of killings admitted by Donetsk militant Motorola


Shocking evidence of mass killings carried out by pro-Russian militants in the Donbas, indicate the need for urgent action to resolve the humanitarian crisis in the region.

It was stated by Europe and Central Asia Deputy Director of Amnesty International Denis Krivosheev, Censor.NET reports citing Russian edition of Voice of America.

New materials confirm "what we have long suspected," the human rights activist said.

"Torture, violence and murder of prisoners, servicemen who surrendered or were wounded are war crimes," Krivosheev said, adding that such acts are subject to rapid, full-scale and indiscriminate investigation, and the perpetrators shall be brought to a fair trial, carried out by recognized authorities.

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Video footage analyzed by Amnesty International reveals the fate of Ukrainian soldier Ihor Branovytskyi, one of the defenders of the Donetsk airport, who was captured and interrogated. A video posted on YouTube captured traces of blows on his face. Ihor remained in captivity until he was killed. According to certain people (presumably witnesses) Branovytskyi was shot at close range by one of the commanders of the separatist armed groups. Later his body was returned to the family and buried in Kyiv on April 3. Intelligence agencies of Ukraine are investigating the murder.

The staff of Amnesty International had an opportunity to view a video demonstrating prisoners and images of dead bodies of at least three Ukrainian servicemen reported to be in the morgue of Donetsk. According to the organization, these soldiers were captured by pro-Russian militants in Debaltseve between February 12 and 18, 2015.

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This information became public after the appearance of a phone interview with presumably Arseny Pavlov, a.k.a Motorola in the Ukrainian media. Pavlov, who is reported to be a citizen of Russia and the leader of the pro-Russian armed group Sparta Battalion active in Eastern Ukraine, said that he shot 15 captured Ukrainian servicemen. It is assumed that he also killed Ihor Branovytskyi.

"This admission to murder by the separatist commander, along with videos and witness testimonies, as well as plenty of evidence of ill-treatment of prisoners, which is characteristic for both sides, points to the urgent need for an independent investigation," Krivosheev concluded.

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