Poroshenko made 368 million hryvnia In 2014

President Petro Poroshenko earned 368 million hryvnia in 2014.

This is stated in his declaration, Censor.NET reports citing the website of the presidential administration.

Poroshenko's total income constituted 368,943,679 UAH, and his family members earned 36,000. 345,670,008 UAH are dividends and interest, 11,253,718 UAH is the income from the disposition of securities and corporate rights, and 961,780 are profits from property sale.

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The dividends were accrued and paid to Poroshenko in the beginning of 2014, prior to his participation in the presidential campaign. The president has paid all taxes, which amounted to almost 18 million hryvnia. In the course of 2014 Poroshenko did not buy any new movable or immovable property. The administration assured that all wages, first that of a lawmaker, and later of the president, were given to charity. "The total amount of charitable donations conducted with the assistance of Petro Poroshenko last year amounted to 123,166,037 hryvnia," the administration said.

Poroshenko financed the presidential election campaign from his funds and he pays for his long-distance flights. Poroshenko's accounts at the end of 2014 contained almost 452 million hryvnia. According to the president's press secretary Sviatoslav Tseholko, the amount changed due to replenishment by the declared dividends, as well as due to exchange rate differences. "At the time, when Ukrainian banks suffer from the outflow of deposits, the president believes that it is fundamental to keep your money in the national banking system," Tseholko said. In 2013, the amount of Poroshenko's gross income was only 51 million hryvnia including: salary - 240,338 UAH, dividends and interest - 13,535,818 UAH, income from disposition of securities - 38,061,525 UAH.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n331698