About 10 Russian subversive groups active in Kharkiv region - Governor Rainin

Threat of destabilization of the situation in the Kharkov region remains, but the security services and local authorities have learned to fight them, Head of the Kharkiv State Regional Administration Ihor Rainin says.

The governor stated this in an interview with Svetofor (Traffic Light) project of the Information Resistance, Censor.NET reports.

"The situation in the Kharkiv region is very complicated for obvious reasons. We have a 300 km border with Russia, another 300 km with the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Threats certainly exist, and the enemy is continuing its attempts to destabilize the region," he said, "But I would not over-dramatize the situation. I think that we have learned to effectively counter the attacks on the peaceful life of our citizens. "

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Rainin added that the main purpose of explosions in Kharkiv is to sow panic.

"There are certain people and subversive groups, which operate under the direct supervisory of the Russian special services," the head of the region said.

According to Rainin, there are about 10 subversive groups in the region. There are also a number of "sleeper" sabotage and reconnaissance groups that replace the "active" ones in the event of elimination.

"These groups have Russian instructors and the perpetrators, as a rule, are Ukrainian nationals who have been trained in Belgorod, Rostov and Tambov. As far as we know, the centers for training saboteurs are in these cities. The Coordination Center is located in Belgorod," he said.

The official stressed that significant resources are allocated for subversive activities.

"For example, for the attack near Palats Sportu (Palace of Sports) the perpetrators were promised $10,000. One shot from a grenade launcher is "worth" $300. It is for you to understand how serious it is," Rainin said.

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"However, I believe that the local authorities and security forces conduct a successful job search and neutralization of active saboteurs and secessionists. At the moment, effectively they can not. And most importantly, every day they have less support among the population of the Kharkiv region, "- he said. - Therefore, although the enemy and further considers Kharkiv as one of its main targets, we are not going to give in and disperse the wave of separatism will not allow, "- said Rainin.

He said that, until recently, there was a crossing point "with a simplified regime for Ukrainian citizens" on the border with Russia, but the situation is better now.

He said that "the construction of fortifications is already underway" and "the tasks that the General Staff drew on the map are being corrected in the field."

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