Boryspil court released thugs who savagely beat journalist Tetiana Chornovol

Representatives of the People’s Front faction say that today's decision of the Boryspil city district court of the Kyiv region, which released those guilty of beating well-known Ukrainian journalist, MP Tetiana Chornovol, does not hold water, and indicates degradation of the judicial system of Ukraine.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing the statement of the party.

The whole country was shocked by the brutal beating that occurred Dec. 25, 2013 at the Boryspil highway. Such inhuman methods were used by Yanukovych's regime against most active participants of the Revolution of Dignity. But today, the court released the perpetrators - Roman Zaliubovskyi and Serhii Kotenko.

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According to Chornovol's lawyer, maximum penalty for such offenses is a five year imprisonment. The court sentenced Kotenko to one year, three months and 10 days, and his accomplice Zaliubovskyi was amnestied by law of 2014. They were subsequently released from custody in the courtroom.

The court did not take into account any arguments of the victim's attorney that the crime was ordered by the members of the upper echelon of the previous authorities. The court also ignored the fact that the beating of Tetiana Chornovol was connected with the events on the Maidan and her active journalism, social and political activities.

The People's Front is preparing an appeal to "justly punish these monsters". "Such ruling, which releases dangerous criminals, bribetakers and corrupt officials from custody is a disgrace to the entire judicial system and should become a thing of the past. The People's Front does not want to put any pressure on the court's decision, but we want to be convinced that the Ukrainian judicial system is getting rid of the vicious practice of making unjust decisions," the party press service stated.

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"Today's court decision indicates that the lustration of the judiciary system is essential. The system should finally be cleansed of people who abuse it and do not want to work in a new country," the statement reads.

The People's Front also demands the Prosecutor General's Office to bring the investigation of Tetiana Chornovol's beating to its logical conclusion and determine those who ordered the crime.

"The ringleaders and the perpetrators of the brutal beating of Tetiana Chornovol shall sit in the same prisoner's box. There can be no amnesties or indulgencies in their regard. The whole country should see that punishment is inevitable and no office can save you from it," the party emphasized.

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