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 "There is no censorship, the material was incorrect" - editors of ‘Novaya Buryatia’ withdrawn article about the burnt Buryat tankman. PHOTOS

Novaya Buryatia newspaper has withdrawn from the issue the article telling of Dorji Batomunkuiev, the Russian Armed Forces career tankman who received burns in battle near Debaltseve, and is currently under treatment at Mogoytuy central district hospital.

Censor.NET reports citing FlashSiberia.

The editorship of 'Novaya Buryatia' newspaper, which has published an article last week about 20-year-old contract serviceman Dorji Batomunkuiev who was wounded during February's combat operation near Debaltseve in Ukraine, decided to remove the material from the website, as well as to cut it from the already printed issue. This was announced by Acting Chief Editor of 'Novaya Buryatia' Timur Dugarzhapov.

Known Buryat journalist Arkady Zarubin reported on his page on Facebook that the Novaya Buryatia newspaper was distributed with its 15th and 16th columns, where the article "Buryat tanker from Debaltseve is still in critical condition" was published, being covered.

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"Many readers of Novaya Buryatia have not found the fresh issue of the newspaper in usual sales locations last Sunday, April 5. Some had better luck - they got the new issue of the newspaper, but with partially censored pages. The censorship was imposed against the article "Buryat tanker from Debaltseve still in critical condition," where journalist Sergei Basaiev cited mother of the career tankman Dorji Batomunkuiev saying that the family of 'the hero of Novorossia' who received hard burns is abandoned by the Russian authorities to fend for themselves, left alone with their problems - the Ministry of Defense does not provide any assistance. It seems that our brave security agencies disliked that the Novaya Buryatia has opened the eyes of would-be 'defenders of the Fatherland', showed what a sad prospect they can expect if they suddenly decide to engage in the war in 'Novorossia'," Zarubin wrote.

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According to Dugarzhapov, the decision to withdraw the material was taken by the editorship. "There is no censorship. It was the decision of our editorial board, because the material was incorrect and we have withdrawn it on our own," the chief editor said adding: "We were busy with this issue for two days (cutting the columns of newspaper - Ed.) rather out of humanitarian considerations, because this guy did not take well, the picture is very poorly printed and because a wide swath that was cut (after the article was published on website - Ed.). We did not like it at all. We would have been accused of all mortal sins if we had made this article out of thin air. So we decided to secure ourselves."

The article about tankman was removed from the newspaper's website on Monday at 3.30 p.m. local time (10.30 a.m. Moscow time). Meanwhile, the page cashe is currently available on Google. The Novaya Buryatia newspaper is a weekly addition of 50 thousand copies.

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