5,000 applications have been filed for 24 openings in the Prosecutor General's Office - Sakvarelidze


The prosecutor’s offices' switch to operation in accordance with the new law, which takes effect in late April, may take at least a year to implement.

This was stated by Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the PGO.

"At least a year is needed to switch to work under the new law, to carry out the whole optimization process. Today we have 18,500 employees. It is impossible to "surgically" reduce them starting April 25 and create a vacuum of procedural problems - when local prosecutor's offices are established on paper, but physically they do not exist," the deputy prosecutor general said in an interview with Komsomolska Pravda.

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Sakvarelidze also noted that the discussion of options for gradual optimization of the prosecutor's offices is conducted in cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada:

"I hope we will have the support for the transitional stage, have real leverage in order to begin the process of purging. The purge will not be over in a year. This is a process that is always on. It may take a few years. But if we are able to clean up at least 40% and set the prosecutors system on its feet, it will be a major step forward," he said.

With respect to job openings in the PGO, Sakvarelidze said that 5,000 applications have already been filed to the e-mail address for the CVs. "We have 24 openings. We classify all these resumes by region. Now it is our "gold reserve" which will be used as a guide. Very soon we will begin interviews and specific tests," he said.

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Asked about the possibility of a General Inspectorate created of the Prosecutor General's Office (similar to Internal Security), the deputy prosecutor general said: "We are expecting that the Prosecutor General will sign a decree on establishment of the General Inspectorate, which will have its investigation, its procedural head ... Many of my colleagues do not understand it or they are being scared by it, some people call this inspection "the Inquisition." But the Inquisition is necessary for the prosecutors who profited. They did not survive, they really were profiting. The issue has not been resolved yet. But I would love to deal with creating this service, since today it could play a very important role in cleansing the system."

The new Law of Ukraine "On the Prosecutor's Office" shall enter into force on April 25 this year.

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