Nadiya Savchenko on upcoming court hearing: "I do not let myself die in order to see it". DOCUMENT

Ukrainian aviatrix, Batkivshchyna MP Madiya Savchenko, who is illegally held in Russia, hopes that the upcoming court hearing will drop the charges against her and the case will be closed, or at least the measure of restraint will be changed.

She stated this in a letter "To the Ukrainians and the good people of the world," dated April 1, which was published by her lawyer Nikolai Polozov today on his Twitter account, Censor.NET reports.

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"My last hope is that a court in Russia can be honest and fair, although it had not shown that before. Still, I hope that the court hearing that is being postponed all the time and should take place next week will finally respond to my alibi presented by my lawyers to the Investigative Committee, and shuts down the case against me, or at least changes the arrest to other measure. Which would only be fair. I've been in jail for nine months already! I do not let myself die to see this court hearing and be present there. Hunger is not only when there is nothing to eat, but also when the food is not enough.

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"I am not coming out of the hunger strike - it is a gradual, orderly return to a normal diet. This will not happen in Russia until there is justice, as I said. But for each trip to a hearing I have to bargain with physicians, who, of course, only want the best for me, and less problems for them. So now I keep myself on Nutrison chemistry and food once a day or every other day," Savchenko said.

She also reported that she weighs 53 kilograms and her mom and sister visited her on April 1 and asked her to live.

"I will live! And I will fight! As long as I am alive," Savchenko said.


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