Putin did fall ill when he disappeared from public view - The Times

President Putin had fallen ill when he disappeared from public view for 11 days last month, Russian military and intelligence figures have told their US counterparts.

Censor.NET citing The Times reports that the Kremlin drew a veil over his illness to avoid allowing Putin to appear weak or comparisons in the western media with Boris Yeltsin and his chaotic loss of control as president.

The explanation, delivered without reference to a specific ailment, calms the storm of speculation that greeted Putin's absence.

He was rumored to have suffered a stroke or even died, to have been recovering from Botox injections, etc.

An unnamed participant of the Elbe Group (U.S. and Russian senior retired military and intelligence flag officers) acknowledged that Putin was ill and it was a reason for his disappearance. He also noted that Putin is firmly holding the power and complained that Russian politics is so underdeveloped as to not being able to admit illnesses or weaknesses of the Russian leader.

Other British newspaper The Guardian writes that the Kremlin is trying to protect the myth that Putin never gets sick. The media previously noted that, despite reports of the Kremlin that Russian president was busy working, he did not show up in public since 6 March: the published photos were taken from archives and the meetings took place before the disappearance. This gave rise to the story of the Russian leader's illness or secret struggle for power in the Kremlin.

Also, the Swiss media have linked Putin's disappearance to childbirth of his mistress MP and former gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

The Austrian newspaper Kurier am Sonntag wrote that the Russian president is currently being treated by an orthopedist from Austria. The doctor even flew to Moscow to examine and treat the head of the Russian state.

On March 16, Putin appeared at the talks with the President of Kirgizstan in St. Petersburg.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n331243