Postponing further contest for National Anti-Corruption Bureau head position will harm Ukraine's authority - Butusov

в наб собеседование геннадий васюков

Legal procedures, not chieftains govern a democratic society.

This was announced by Censor.NET's Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"The National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Why the contest [for the head position - ed.] has not yet ended?

"A week ago, legally provided deadline for special checks of candidates for the post of the NAB head had passed. The Commission is fully ready to hold the competition, but the law provides for a special inspection - a prerequisite for the appointment. In general, on Wednesday a letter from the president's administration came - the special checks materials are in the administration, and we will receive them soon. Violation of terms of conduction of special checks damages the reputation of the competition.

"The competition was held as transparently as possible, in strict accordance with the law and regulations.

"As a result, the Commission selected four candidates for special checks by law enforcement agencies, of which we will have to choose two or three candidates for the approval of the president.

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"They are Mykola Siryi, Yakiv Varychev, Artem Sytnyk, Viktor Chumak.

"I personally voted for only two candidates in the final competition, Siryi and Varychev. They were the only to have qualifications and no experience of serving in the Ukrainian authorities.

"Yes, the choice of the finalists is not as large as some people would like. But this is the reality of the competition.

"I was surprised by a statement of Mikheil Saakashvili that "all candidates represent the past." How could it be otherwise? Under the law, a candidate must have at least 10 years of legal experience.

"That is, the legislator decided that a candidate should embody the three qualities simultaneously: to have an impeccable reputation, to be an experienced organizer of a law enforcement agency, and to be an experienced detective-investigator. Is it possible to combine these things in view of the fact that the candidate has worked 10 years in the Ukrainian legal system?

"Of course not.

"Therefore, initially to expand the scope of the competition and attract specialists, they had to remove the rule of 10 years of legal experience. And also remove the provision on prohibition of cooperation with political parties over the past two years.

"On the contrary, as far as the key issue of the appointment is moral authority and reputation, it would be logical to give an opportunity to lead the bureau to a public or political figure.

"And the second aspect - if this position was planned to be filled with a foreigner, then the norm about the ban on party membership did not work, and there had to be no requirement of the state language knowledge. And procedure of granting [Ukrainian - ed.] citizenship should be automatic for the winner of the contest.

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"But despite the long saga to finalize the law, and warnings of consequences, all these rules were preserved in the law by the beginning of the competition.

"The Commission scrupulously conducted their work according to the letter of the law.

"And now some government officials have questions - are those selected to the final by the Commission able to lead the Bureau?

"I will say this - yes, I understand the temptation to appoint a foreigner to the post of the NAB director. Yes, I too would like to see an established professional in this chair, the one with practice and experience.

"But the Сommission has worked its way up, all requirements are met. For us as representatives of civil society it is crucial that the procedures start working.

"Because legal procedures, not chieftains govern a democratic society.

"So I see the only viable option was to make NAB appointments in packages, and to work clear and transparent procedures for the NAB leadership operation.

"Because we will never find and appoint enough supermen to work in the authorities who are able to impersonate the reforms and be successful managers.

"Miracles do not happen, and no one will give us deliverance. We must learn to work with procedures, according to regulations, plans, and systematically. We must learn to work with the staff that we have. With trial and error method, we have to appoint Ukrainians to senior positions, we have to grow our public figures. We should not complain about the shortage of personnel, but patiently pick up people, seek and find, and train.

"Postponing further contest for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau head position will significantly harm Ukraine's authority. I hope that will not happen," Butusov wrote.

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