Terrorist Boroday reveals Akhmetov's arrangements with "DPR" militants

Russian spy and one of curators of the Donetsk separatists Alexandr Boroday, speaking at a Moscow meeting of Russian nationalists organized by editor of the Sputnik i Pogrom (Sattelite and Mayhem) website editor Yegor Prosvirnin, spoke about the role of oligarch Rinat Akhmetov in support of the "DPR" and his agreements with the pro-Russian militants. It is the first time that "DPR" separatists voiced such frank revelations regarding cooperation with the Donetsk oligarch.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Chetvertaya Vlast.

Answering the question as to why the property of Rinat Akhmetov in the "People's Republics" has not been nationalized yet, Boroday replied: "For Mr. Akhmetov... the current situation is favorable. Akhmetov benefits from his businesses being located in the 'DPR' and manufacturing products. He also benefits from these products being exported. ... The only port available to him is Mariupol."

Boroday quite explicitly stated that Mariupol has not been taken by the separatist troops only because there is a factual agreement between them and Akhmetov. The separatists left the port for Ukrainian oligarch, so that he can take out the products of his enterprises from the occupied territory, and in return the oligarch started supporting the "DPR" separatists with food.

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"The Odesa port is controlled by Kolomoiskyi, and he would never allow Akhmetov there. Therefore, the only option for Akhmetov's business to operate safely is for Mariupol to remain under the yellow-blue Ukrainian flag."

According to the terrorist, the so-called Donetsk Republic partly lives off the humanitarian aid from Akhmetov.

"Let's imagine that we have nationalized the enterprises of Mr. Akhmetov. ... And what are we going to do with them? Ship products to Italy and sell them?! To whom? Imagine 'DPR' representatives knocking on an office door in Milan, for instance, and saying: "Here, we brought you ingots, 100,000 tons of ingots."

Boroday's revelations about arrangements between the "DPR" separatists and Rinat Akhmetov caused outrage among those in the room. Prosvirnin interrupted the curator of the Donetsk separatists several times saying that export of products from the "DPR" could be done by some Russian oligarch (!), however, Boroday said that Russian oligarchs would not able to do it.

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"None of the Russian oligarchs will take this on. Firstly, Russia has plenty of such products, too much of it ... An international contract is such a thing, that is concluded for a certain amount of supplies, and then renegotiated. And any expert can easily find out where the stolen items came from... In a word, Russia cannot sell Akhemtov's products, it is indeed un-re-al. And what will happen if it is not sold? There will be no humanitarian aid, the workers, engineers and everybody else will not receive salaries. What will this mean for the Donetsk Republic? Famine. Plain famine. Not like we have now. But a real one, a serious one," he explained.

Boroday also said that the main purpose of the war was a revolution, imperial and national one, in the name of great Russia.
The interview with Alexander Boroday is available on Sputnik and Pogrom's channel. The part about the separatists' cooperation with Akhmetov begins at 16th minute.
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