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 Fighting with a shootout sparked in Kyiv due to construction at Livoberezhna subway station. PHOTOS+VIDEO

A scuffle with a shootout took place at the Livoberezhna subway station in Kyiv on Wednesday.

The construction site security used weapons near the Livoberezhna subway station in Kyiv yesterday during a protest of local residents against construction works on the Dnipro river embankment. Several people, including a policeman were injured as a result.

As reported, residents of Mykilska Slobidka neighborhood in Kyiv held yet another rally against development of the river embankment yesterday, where construction of Soniachna Riviera residential homes is under way within protected shoreline belt of the Dnipro river (1, Mykilsko-Slobidska Street), which violates water and land codes, Censor.NET reports. In addition, the developer has illegally seized about 10,000 square meters of land having moved the fence 30 meters frontwards from the boundaries envisaged by the planning permission.

The construction site security started shooting when the local residents together with Svoboda party activists started to ruin concrete fence.
киев стрельба стройка застройка
киев стрельба стройка застройкакиев стрельба стройка застройкакиев стрельба стройка застройка

Subsequently, the police found a car with firearms on the territory of the construction site.

Kyiv City Council member Olena Yeskina, who arrived on the scene, commented on the situation: "The shooting is still under way. The police have surrounded the car with guns. The witnesses are invited. The search is conducted. According to the police, there are a whole lot of weapons in the van which belongs to the 'guards'. One 'security guard' in balaclava and military uniform, who wounded a policeman, was detained. I was a spectator of him being placed into a police car."

киев стрельба стройка застройка

киев стрельба стройка застройка

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киев стрельба стройка застройка

Head of the Radical Party faction Mark Hres was wounded by 'titushky'.

киев стрельба стройка застройка
"The construction project owner brought titushky, who opened fire at us. In addition, they used fire extinguishers, stones and Molotov cocktails. In general, no one was going to listen to us, therefore, the fence was completely ruined. The scuffle continues," the deputy wrote.
киев стрельба застройка титушки

киев стрельба застройка титушки

киев стрельба застройка

According to the locals, they found a case from Makarov pistol and one more from a shotgun at the site where 'titushky' were shooting from.

According to Verkhovna Rada deputy Hres, the police attempted to hang shooting on activists.

Dniprovskyi district police department Chief Vitalii Chaika grappled with one of the 'security guards' of the construction site during the scuffle. The people wearing balaclavas, who stood next to the top police official at that time, were assuring him that the man was 'friendly'.

The police department head Chaika later said to local activists that the shots were fired from their side.

According to the internet portal Mii Kyiv, the construction site in Mykilska Slobidka neighborhood is controlled by member of City Council from Udar party, president of the state-owned Development Corporation Ukrbud Maksym Mykytas. His father Viktor Mykytas became known during restoration of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Shelter Object while he occupied position of the deputy director of the Pivdenteploenerhomontazh. "Rumor has it that the money allocated by the foreign investors was spent extremely fast without any traces. Being formally a state-owned company, Ukrbud, which has been run by Mykytas Jr. since 2010, in fact, turned into their family business," the article reads.

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