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 Merkel recognizes Ukraine's reform efforts and pledges further support

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel recognized on Wednesday Ukraine's reform efforts and pledged further assistance to the country.

Addressing Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk at press conference after the meeting, Merkel recognized reform process in Ukraine, particularly country's efforts to fight against corruption and increased transparency in the country's tax system, Censor.NET reports citing the China Daily.

Merkel and Yatseniuk have discussed details on the use of Germany's financial assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, the chancellor pledged further aid within the scope of cooperation development to provide care for refugees as well as treatment for wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

Speaking about the current situation in eastern Ukraine, Merkel noted that it "has certainly become calmer" in terms of military conflicts, but "a cease-fire is not yet fully established."

Germany, together with France, would continue to support efforts of all parties to implement the peace deals reached in Minsk, the chancellor added.

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At the same time Deutsche Welle reports that the two leaders also discussed cooperation on economic issues affecting Ukraine. Germany had previously pledged 500 million euros ($538 million) in credit to help boost the Ukrainian economy, but Wednesday Merkel said that 300 million euros of that money had been earmarked for investment in modernizing Ukraine's infrastructure, economy, and health system.

Yatseniuk said there would be opportunities for Germany to help with the implementation of infrastructure programs.

Merkel pledged the support of all German ministries - from finance, economy, the foreign office to development - to help and advise Ukraine when it came to making the country "economically successful and transparent."

"The German economy will be prepared in the next few months to discuss with Ukraine what investment options will become available," she said.

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