Responsibility for most killings on Instytutska street lies on Berkut policemen from Sadovnyk group - Council of Europe report


According to the investigation, members of the Berkut special unit are responsible for most of the murders committed on Feb. 20, 2014.

This is stated in the report of the International Advisory Group (IAG), acting under the mandate of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The report was published in Kyiv on March 31, Censor.NET reports citing Yevropeiska Pravda.

"Judging by the materials of the case, the responsibility for most of the murders committed on Feb. 20, 2014, can be attributed to Berkut personnel... Analysis of hundreds of hours of video recordings and materials from the Internet has allowed to establish 21-24 Berkut employees, that shot at the protesters going up Instytutska street," the document reads.

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According to the report, "none of the staff could use weapons without an order of their leader, Mr. Sadovnyk."

The document states that the majority of the demonstrators who were killed on Feb. 20 received wounds from Kalashnikov 7.62*39 caliber bullets, which the Berkut personnel was armed with.

"It has been established that Sadovnyk's group was given about 20 AKS of the 47 caliber, and these guns were not returned to the place of storage, they disappeared," the document says.

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"By analyzing the trajectory of the bullets it was found that more than 30 people were shot from behind the concrete barricade near the exit from the Khreschatyk metro station on Instytutska street, which is consistent with numerous video recordings on the Internet showing Berkut officers in uniform with yellow armbands shooting from with this place," the IAG official investigation data in the reports says. The information has not been made public before.

Full report of the International Advisory Group is available HERE.

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