In five months of fighting in the Donetsk airport, none of soldiers of first group of the 93rd brigade has been granted an order, medal, or commendation - Butusov

The first battalion task force of the 93rd mechanized brigade is deployed in Pisky, at the forefront. Over five months of continuous fighting without rotation in Donetsk airport. 40 soldiers of the first battalion were killed in battle with the enemy over this time. 200 were wounded. Not a single fighter has been granted an order, medal, or commendation. Not a single warrior has been recognized as a combatant.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his blog.

"Almost all the food, all the water, firewood for heating, most of the parts for equipment are provided by volunteers. I'm not talking about other supplies, tools, linen, radios, thermal imaging sights, household goods, household supplies. Diesel generators are always needed - they are also brought by volunteers. Volunteers provide many kinds of equipment repair - their teams regularly travel to the front," he said.

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"The army supplies ammunition, a limited amount of fuel, some of the parts, a certain amount of food, uniforms (complemented by volunteers who warn the warriors as they can, and the military buys it themselves). Something is provided by the General Staff and the Defense Ministry in terms of household - they gave a lot of stoves without chimneys, it was a good decision, since the pipes were quickly purchased and installed by volunteers, and the stoves are heating the fighters," Butusov noted.

"All those who remained in the ranks continue to perform all combat tasks. I haven't seen a single drunk or intoxicated in a day (yes, it's hard to believe, but it's true. Yes, it did not happen in a day, there were problems, but in five months they were fixed, and yes, certainly some drink, but they clearly know how much and when they can. I am writing about what I saw myself). Everywhere I see competently organized guard duty. The personnel is in safe shelters. The warriors live clean, maintain order. It was nice to see. Although the conditions and tough. Despite the great psychological fatigue - five months under fire are damaging the psyche - but all those in the ranks are in a fighting mood, and the motivation is high. Natural selection," he said.

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"Officers maintain friendly relations with the soldiers, but the military discipline is rigid, there is no familiarity. The evaluation of the situation by personnel is very realistic. It is a pity that the command cannot simply pick go and talk to the people without an entourage... This would probably allow the people with stars to return to the reality," Butusov summed up.

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