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 "We need the whole of Ukraine," Vostok battalion terrorist leader says

One of the militant leaders of the "DPR", commander of the terrorist Vostok (East) battalion and the so-called "DPR secretary of the security council" Alexander Khodakovsky says that Russian mercenaries' plans in the Donbas are exclusively offensive and that they "need the whole of Ukraine."

He stated this in an interview with Lenta.Ru, Censor.NET reports.

Khodakovsky also noted that the Russian-terrorist troops intend to continue offensive operations with the use of heavy artillery in order to capture new territories of Ukraine.

"The trend in the fighting to push the front line set in August will continue. If we up our activities, it is only in order to move forward. We would not want that, because in this case there are inevitable human and infrastructure losses. We do not have sufficient human resources, so we are forced to use artillery. The destruction is inevitable," said the gunman.

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He also added that he accepted the existence of so-called "LPR" and "DPR" only as a transitional phase.

"Our war will end when there will be a pro-Russian anti-fascist state to the south of Russia. In other words, we need the whole of Ukraine," Khodakovsky said.

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