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 Yarosh offers to dissolve the General Staff for a week and replace generals by officers from the front

ярош yarosh

The leader of the Right sector, Verkhovna Rada deputy Dmytro Yarosh is sure that it is necessary to dissolve the General Staff first to start the creation of a brand new army.

He said this in an interview to LB.ua, Censor.NET reports.

"The General Staff should be disbanded for a week as the principal control authority. This will not change the situation on the front line anyway. But the entire existing generalship should be completely ousted. They later may be appointed advisors on certain issues one by one and very carefully. Almost all military units have colonels, officers of the required desired level. One or two such officers can teach any general a thing or two. My battalion commanders can give a head start to brigade commander of the Ukrainian Army," the leader of the Right sector said.

Yarosh offers to reshape military units as the next step and create several professional brigades with good provisioning and high salaries. "It is a good idea to create an elite unit, a professional assault brigade with high salaries. It would be an example for other units. I heard the Americans were willing to train such a team on their own expense at some point. All that was necessary for that was to submit the request for armament. The Ministry of Defense has not done this and refused to create such a unit," Yarosh said.

"Who is actually ready to change the army now? Well, at least Poltorak is ready for it ... But one needs to act. Trotsky had formed a very efficient and capable force in a short period of time when he was creating the army based on the Red Guards from the ground up. But this should be done without regarding to "ruling of the law" each time. There is a military necessity. We must take responsibility," he said.

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