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 Numerous mothers in occupied Crimea deprived of child care allowance

Scores of mothers were refused to be paid child care allowance for children aged under one and a half years. In Crimea, there are almost 1,500 such mothers only in Sevastopol city.

The reason is that these women worked at Ukrainian enterprises that have not been registered under the Russian law after the peninsula had been annexed by Russia in March 2014, Censor.NET reports citing Krymskii Telegraf.

"We are registered in the Social Security Administration as persons having insurance, but for some reason we cannot apply to the Social Insurance Fund to receive the allowance as the insured persons," the women said being perplexed. The officials reply to them that the Ukrainian companies do not make contributions to the Social Insurance Fund, so there are no payments, the outlet wrote.

All insured mothers being on leave for child care receive payments from the mentioned fund. But the women on maternity leave- the employees of the Ukrainian companies, which worked or are still working in Crimea, cannot lay claims to such benefits any more, the Yod news outlet specified.

In this regard, some local women leave Crimea at late pregnancy through the absence of benefits and give birth on the territory of Ukraine. Thus, they can put in claim for child care allowance for children aged under one and a half years. Besides, such benefits in Ukraine are much higher than in Russia, the online outlet notes.

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Meanwhile, the Russian government has reportedly allocated about 100 billion rubles to Crimea and Sevastopol in 2014 from the anti-recessionary fund, including for payment of pensions and social benefits.

The problems with payment of the childcare allowances have arisen in other regions of Russia against this background. It became known that the disruptions of payments of social benefits and childcare allowances began in the Murmansk region in early March due to funding problems. It was also reported about problems with the payment of monthly social benefits for children in the Trans-Baikal region.

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