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 European leaders have to "learn from Putin" and to provide covert support to Ukraine - Soros

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande could "learn from Putin" and help Ukraine on the basis of deniability to provide covert support to the Ukrainian government.

American billionaire George Soros stated in an interview to Bloomberg, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the European leaders could provide material support to Ukraine undeclared, publicly denying it. In this case, Soros did not say what specific forms of support he had in mind. Europeans should abide by the cease-fire agreement, added 84-year-old billionaire.

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The cease-fire should "allow Ukraine to rebuild its army so that if Putin wills to renew the attack, it would not be costless" for him, Soros said. "Basically, Ukraine needs to get an adequate support mainly from the Europeans but also from the United States," Soros noted. When asked whether it is aid in terms of money or more military support, the businessman said that "basically financial support is needed for Ukraine."

However, as emphasized by Soros, expression of political support on the part of the allies would be even more important for Ukraine. "They must do whatever it takes to help Ukraine not only to survive but to actually make progress in the midst of war. If Ukraine actually flourishes that will tell the Russian people that Russia's problems are actually due to Putin's policies," he said.

Now the initiative is on the side of Putin, Soros admitted: "Putin can choose from hybrid war and hybrid peace," the western states have no such opportunity. That gives Putin the first mover's advantage, because "he's actually willing to go to war and we are not."

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The billionaire explained the Russian leader's popularity and support in his homeland by the fact that "Putin unleashed a wave of primitive nationalism based on ethnic and also religious considerations and, of course, a sense of seeking revenge against the West that did not actually do what it should have done at the time of Russia's collapse."

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